Forward to Fleishman Hillard

Fleishman Hillard logo

As from 21st July, I will be working as senior account manager in the digital team at Fleishman Hillard UK.

Of course it’s sad to say goodbye to my Porter Novelli colleagues – and judging from this comment I think the feeling’s mutual. However, it’s a great opportunity to work in an expanding team, with support from the already established US team and opportunities to find out what truly works when helping people communicate better using digital channels.

Strangely, I’m already fairly clued up on life at Fleishman Hillard. I went to their Digital Influence Index presentation, and have met Ed Lee, account director at Fleishman Hillard Canada’s sister company iStudio. I also met up with two of my future colleagues, Paul Borge and Joshua Davidson, at the Tuttle Social Media Club last week, and we had a great chat with James Whatley, Nancy Williams and Thibault Baradat-Bujoli.

All that remains is for me to give my swan song at Porter Novelli’s summer party next week (I’m the bass player for their kick-ass band Moscow Road so if there are any PN employees reading this, the band needs a replacement bassist pretty soon).

Any suggestions for how to go out with a bang? Flaming death perhaps? Mosh pit dive? Or maybe just a nice cup of tea and a biscuit? Answers please…

12 thoughts on “Forward to Fleishman Hillard

  1. brendan, it was great to meet you and chat about all things digital (including social media!). i’m sure both you and my colleagues in London are in for a real treat working together.


  2. Brendan, welcome to the team. I was on the phone with D. Bradfield today and he mentioned you – then I saw this post. The web is a fun accident sometimes. Glad to have you on board.

  3. All the best with your new role at Fleishman. Senior Account Manager? You’ll be MD by Xmas surely 😉

    Trust you’ll still find time for blogging – PR needs more LastFM listening, analytics crazies.

  4. I believe there is still a bottle of champers in the PN fridge with your name on it, suggest we crack it open at the party or would that scupper any attempts at a spotlight stealing solo?

    Good luck with the new role – you’ll rawk it I’m sure.

    Finally, follow me again on Twitter!

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