PR Fail – a collection of bad things :(

How did we live before PR Fail? A Tumblr blog, it takes Twitter postings or bookmarks tagged with "prfail" or "uselesspr" in an attempt it says here, "to help PR people be better and give journalists and bloggers a way of sharing their bad experiences. As well as just collecting examples of bad PR … Continue reading PR Fail – a collection of bad things 😦

Link love gone kerrrayzee

I'm due another issue of the PR Friendly index. This is my listing of the top 100 PR blogs I read, ranked according to various publicly available metrics. I've been thinking about introducing a bit more latitude to it, such as incorporating metrics from humans - that is,, Twitter etc - alongside those from … Continue reading Link love gone kerrrayzee

links for 2008-07-14

List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008 This is quite some list Jeremiah's putting together and I'm not sure about it. At what point does social media 'start'? And surely this is for the likes of LinkedIn, not a central blog list? (tags: blogs lists socialmedia research jeremiahowyang forblog)

links for 2008-07-10

Leaders in corporate communications and internal communication | Lawrence Ragan Communications I've been meaning to look at Ragan more closely for some time and it rocks. Oh, and I love MyRagan too. (tags: myragan ragan brands socialmedia)