Don’t forget – you read it here first

Just in case Dave O’Gorman pulls another fast one, here’s my latest idea submitted to the Genius programme:

Universal Ice Skates

Ice skating – it’s so much fun! But so limited. You only get to skate where the ice is.

Simple answer: place your skates in two purpose-built containers that are full of water, place in the freezer overnight and hey presto! Universal ice skates!

From now on you can skate on virtually any surface – grass, concrete, dogs, ok, not dogs, but certainly anything flat. Including ice.

You know it makes sense. Don’t forget, I gave you the Democrabus.

Let’s see what happens…

One thought on “Don’t forget – you read it here first

  1. Even better you don’t actually need to buy ice skating boots. You could just put normal shoes in water, freeze it and then skate wearing them.

    Wouldn’t recommend using flip-flops for this though.

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