What do we keep private?

source » Given our ability to join everything up and share it, sooner or later we have to make the decision about what exactly we want to share - before we inadvertently share it. Case in point: I'm currently looking for a house, and I'm employing RSS in all its glory to help me do … Continue reading What do we keep private?

Welcome a new blogger to the blogosphere

source » Visit http://mouthtomouthcomms.wordpress.com/ to get the inside track on Word-of-mouth marketing. This is a new blog in the firmament by a colleague of mine. I'm hoping he'll help me move away from the linkblog darkside, which I appear to have been doing lately. OK, so he hasn't actually posted anything yet but there's no … Continue reading Welcome a new blogger to the blogosphere

links for 2008-06-27

Brand vs. product: what really drives reputation? - iMediaConnection.com Good, no-nonsense advice about good, no-nonsense marketing (tags: branding marketing internetmarketing mariansalzman) Dailymotion useage policy I like DailyMotion's terms of use - it's almost a universal set of bullet points for an online code of conduct, no matter what the media. NO VIOLENCE, NO RACISM, RESPECT … Continue reading links for 2008-06-27

links for 2008-06-14

The-Digital-Influence-Index-2008.pdf (application/pdf Object) Very interesting study. I went to the presentation and it sparked off some lively debate (the study, that is, not my attending it). Well worth looking at. (tags: marketing pr socialmedia statistics trends)