links for 2008-05-12

BBC NEWS | | A blog about technology from BBC News | Twitter and the China earthquake Is faster coverage better? I'm not convinced that Twitter can do anything more than raise general awareness - which is good, but not better. (tags: blogging journalism news technology earthquake China Twitter pneo001)

links for 2008-05-07

Five New Twitter Tools You Should Know | Online Marketing Blog Twitter can be fun. I'm still trying to find how exactly, but this useful post might help. (tags: twitter microblogging onlinemarketingblog pneo001) Newsletters | I'm intrigued - isn't this what a blog/rss are for? I'm not sure how he's going to differentiate between … Continue reading links for 2008-05-07

links for 2008-05-03

The Link Baiting Playbook: Hooks Revisited - Stuntdubl - SEO Consultant Is it linkbaiting? Or is it just a way of ensuring the content you provide is useful? (tags: blog blogging blogs ideas internet marketing linkbuilding LinkBait SEO links link stuntdubl pneo001)