Test from LiveWriter

OK, so this is my first post from LiveWriter.

In theory, this could be quite a cool thing. I’m blogging on at least two blogs nowadays so it will be nice to find a way of handling them all centrally. Plus, offline editing sort of kind of feels nicer, a bit like climbing the rope in gym class.

Here’s a table:

Effect Cause
Headache Excessive drinking

That was easy!

I wonder if I can put a video in? Let’s try that:

Well, that all felt very nice thank you very much.

I can put it in a category, but I can’t tag it? Boo.

Oh well, let’s see how it comes out on the actual blog…

Errr… what happens now?

2 thoughts on “Test from LiveWriter

  1. When traveling on a plane offline blog editors are great. Centralizing into one editing tool is nice too. If you’re tool can keep up with the updates in WordPress and Typepad and whoever then it works great. If not, then it blows or you create drafts you later need to tweak. I’ve taken to stickies in those occasions. btw — your video doesn’t play in the page window, jumps to another page. Have fun!

  2. Hi Barry,

    That’s a very good point about travelling. Would be nice to get some thoughts together then just get them up when I’m connected again.

    LiveWriter *claims* to integrate with WordPress, even downloading the template so you can get a feel for how the post will look. However, as you rightly point out, the video didn’t work.

    I think this is because WordPress-hosted blogs don’t run live stuff – javascript, java etc – for security reason, and so to include YouTube, for example, you have to use a format which WordPress.com then interprets.

    Unfortunately LiveWriter hasn’t detected this. Perhaps it doesn’t recognise that it’s a WordPress.com hosted blog. This isn’t ideal.

    Anyway, let’s see how I get along with it. I’ve heard good report of LiveWriter so I might be able to fix this.

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