How to create a news tracker with Netvibes

The following is cross-posted on a new blog called PNeo. Watch out for more cross-posts as well as insights, observations and analysis from the digital team at Porter Novelli, my employer.

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News. There’s a lot of it around, especially online. You can monitor some of this perhaps, but how do you even begin to get a feel for what people are saying in the blogosphere, or on the forums?

And what about pictures?

And what about audio and video?

Netvibes lets you put together your own web page from small ‘web windows’ called widgets. Together, they give you a great overview of the news landscape for a given topic. You can pick and choose what you want to see, and customise each widget to show more or less information.

This is good, but when you share your news tracker, it’s great. Many eyes make light work, so set your team up with a Netvibes account and take it in turns to monitor news, or allocate members to certain types of coverage. If someone improves a widget then this benefits the entire team, immediately.

Share more. If you’re monitoring on behalf of clients, why not let them in on the act? That they’re seeing online information about themselves and their competitors is only half the story: the other half is that you’ve impressed them with your technical know-how.

Share more. You can keep all this private – but why not go public? If you think you’re good enough, then why not show everyone what you’re monitoring, and for whom? Sure, it takes courage to share. But in a world of wikinomics, the returns can be enormous.

Interested? If so, pop on over to Porter Novelli’s PNeo blog and find out how to do it.

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