links for 2008-05-02

3 thoughts on “links for 2008-05-02

  1. Dear Brendan

    The story is nice regarding Facebook and privacy concerns but it is nothing special. There are at least three reasons why I believe I am right:

    1) you need to allow Java Script – in turn to have this little code be executed. Naturally, even our 10 year old school kids know they should not – we taught them:

    2) If you do the privacy stuff correctly including not providing the accurate city, etc. than you reduce your risk exposure as explained here:

    3) If you do not have admin rights as a user, no way the program provided by BBC’s “resident coder Pete” will do any harm since it cannot be installed on your machine.

    So much ado about nothing and a bit of social engineering. But the latter you can prevent by playing it smart as they taught you in IT security hygiene 101 🙂

    Nevertheless, thanks for the links you provide, they always give me new ideas or things to think about. Have a nice weekend.

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