Test from LiveWriter

OK, so this is my first post from LiveWriter.

In theory, this could be quite a cool thing. I’m blogging on at least two blogs nowadays so it will be nice to find a way of handling them all centrally. Plus, offline editing sort of kind of feels nicer, a bit like climbing the rope in gym class.

Here’s a table:

Effect Cause
Headache Excessive drinking

That was easy!

I wonder if I can put a video in? Let’s try that:

Well, that all felt very nice thank you very much.

I can put it in a category, but I can’t tag it? Boo.

Oh well, let’s see how it comes out on the actual blog…

Errr… what happens now?


How to create a news tracker with Netvibes

The following is cross-posted on a new blog called PNeo. Watch out for more cross-posts as well as insights, observations and analysis from the digital team at Porter Novelli, my employer.

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News. There’s a lot of it around, especially online. You can monitor some of this perhaps, but how do you even begin to get a feel for what people are saying in the blogosphere, or on the forums?

And what about pictures?

And what about audio and video?

Netvibes lets you put together your own web page from small ‘web windows’ called widgets. Together, they give you a great overview of the news landscape for a given topic. You can pick and choose what you want to see, and customise each widget to show more or less information.

This is good, but when you share your news tracker, it’s great. Many eyes make light work, so set your team up with a Netvibes account and take it in turns to monitor news, or allocate members to certain types of coverage. If someone improves a widget then this benefits the entire team, immediately.

Share more. If you’re monitoring on behalf of clients, why not let them in on the act? That they’re seeing online information about themselves and their competitors is only half the story: the other half is that you’ve impressed them with your technical know-how.

Share more. You can keep all this private – but why not go public? If you think you’re good enough, then why not show everyone what you’re monitoring, and for whom? Sure, it takes courage to share. But in a world of wikinomics, the returns can be enormous.

Interested? If so, pop on over to Porter Novelli’s PNeo blog and find out how to do it.

What are we talking about? Part III.

A week ago I published the results of tag analysis of the blogs in the PR Friendly Index, and then looked at the frequencies of usage of those tags.

So, let’s now look at who is talking – or, at least, tagging – about what, exactly. Click the blog link to go to the blog, or the tag links to see what else is tagged with that on Technorati.

A PR Guy’s Musings pr, business, technology, blogs, web
a shel of my former self for immediate release, blogging, podcasting, media blogging, technology
Alan Weinkrantz PR alan weinkrantz, client news, technology pr, israel technology, media coverage
All Things PR pr, technology, politics, facebook, social media
Beyond PR google, facebook, second life, youtube, myspace
bitemarks soapbox, media, communications, the wonderful world of tech, marketing
Blogging Me, Blogging You pr, social media, agency life, marketing, blogging
Brendan Cooper pr, social media, blogging, web 2.0, technology
Canuckflack marketing, media, varia, pr, design
Change & internal communications humour, facebook, google, battlefield, bumpf
Common Sense PR pr, business, social media, communications, communication tactics
Communication Overtones texas, san antonio, myprpro, social media, blogging
Cooler Insights personal, marketing, attractions, word of mouth, holiday
Corporate PR communications evolution, events, blogging, tools, newcomm forum
Corporati korea, corporate communications, pr, edelman, communications
CustomScoop’s PR Blog Jots social media, news briefs, social networking, pr blog jots, features
Don’t eat the shrimp pr, crisis communications, marketing, tax, social media
Drew B’s take on tech PR twitter, myspace, google, sam sethi, marketing
DummySpit pr, pr evaluation, pr measurement, social media, corporate communications
Engage in PR pr, social media, twitter, prfung, video
First Person PR pr, social media, web 2.0, prfung, firstpersonpr
Flack Life media, ipod, blogging, pr, social media
Fleet Street PR social media, tools, miscellaneous, twitter, utterz
Fusion PR Forum pr, social networking, new york times, press releases, social media
Getting Ink hacks, journalism, flaks, bunny sightings, 101 updates
Glass House msm, youtube, blogs, google, wikipedia
GREENblog blogs, green communications, pr, social media, facebook
Heather Yaxley pr, motoring, thinking, education, watch
In Front of Your Nose technology pr, technology, web, cliff saran, pr
Indian and Global PR pr, student, bloggers, social media, blogging
IndiaPRBlog! pr, indian pr industry, industry, prfung, media relations
KDPaine’s PR Measurement social media measurement, pr measurement, customer service, hp, blog measurement
Media Artifacts social media, communications, pr, ethics, blogging
Media Guerrilla pr, blogging, social media, events, marketing
media mindshare pr, social media, journalism, media, social media
Media Orchard pr, marketing, media, blogs, journalism
Micro Persuasion blogs, pr, marketing, search, podcasting
Murphy’s Law pr, technology, personal, humour, ireland
my(PR)palette blogging, social media, pr, agencies, media
Naked PR featured, online pr, press releases, naked pr, pr blogs
nerd-in-residence technology, techgadgets, charlottesville, music, pr
NevilleHobson.com communications, web, for immediate release, business, technology
note to editors… uk, media, technology, music, random
Occam’s RazR communications, ike pigott, occam’s razr, personal, philosophy
On Message Wagner Comms pr, marketing, blogging, houston agencies, media relations
Onalytica measuring influence, sentiment, edelman, impact, sony
Online Marketing Blog search engine marketing, social media marketing, optimization, online pr, seo
Paul Gillin – Social Media social media, blogging, pgillin, mainstream media, journalism
Peter Shankman personal, images from the road, summits, conferences, trade shows
Piaras Kelly PR piaras kelly, e-pr, pr, pr in ireland, personal
point being: web 2.0, marketing, the technology biz, media, pr
Point oh social media, pr, word of mouth, web x.0, ethics
Pop! PR Jots pr, communications, marketing communications, marketing, citizen marketing
PR (in a jar) current affairs, events, technology, web, environment
PR 2.0 social media, web 2.0, work, social media, apropos of nothing
PR 2.0 Silicon Valley media, 2, social media, pr 2.0, pr
PR Blogger blogging, tags, journalism, podcasting, podcasts
PR Communications corporate blogs, marketing, social media, internet pr, corporate blogging
PR Conversations pr, communications, the profession, debate, dialogue
PR Disasters articles, pr disasters, business, pr, technology
PR Girlz social media, agency life, media, casual fridays, life outside pr
PR Meets Marketing pr, marketing, pr, social media, weekly articles
PR Meets the WWW pr, pr blogging, business blogging, blogging, quote of the day
PR Newser news, politics, pitches, media people, damage control
PR Squared pr, marketing, social media, social media news release, pr 2.0
PR Studies students, careers, blogs, profession, academic
PR Voice cipr, pr, social media, international, world pr festival
PR Watch pr, u.s. government, media, corporations, international
PR Works pr, blogs, agencies, prfung, inside pr
Priscilla’s World social media, new media, pr, web 2.0, pr 2.0
Pro PR pr, conferences, social media, blogging, wikis
Public Relations Rogue web 2.0, corporations, strategy, marketing, social networks
Simonsays technology, social media, blogging, blogs, pr
Small Business PR/Marketing pr tips, events, articles, blog tips, case studies
Spinwatch blogs – nicholas jones, blogs – andy rowell, articles – middle east, articles – british politics, reviews – books
Strategic Public Relations marketing, pr, media, blogs, technology
Strive Notes pr, blogging, media, isle of man, isle of man examiner
Strumpette pr, prlist, news and commentary, strumpette, prsa
Teaching PR pr, students, social media, week’s best, conference
Tech for PR social media, new pr, personal productivity, quick tips, miscellaneous
Tech PR Gems social media, pr, topazpartners, social media, topaz
Tech PR War Stories pr, social media, interviews, commentary, blogs
The Bad Pitch Blog blogs, bad pitch, media, pr, prsa
The Buzz Bin livingston communications, internet marketing, blogging, interviews, social networks
The Flack pr, media, public, journalism, politics
The last man in Europe… blogging, web 2.0, social media, pr, marketing
The New Marketing media, pr, measurement, ethics, random
The New PR nothing in particular, pr, social media, online pr, blogging
The PR 2.0 Universe the pr 2.0 universe, tools, corporate blogging, new media, events
The PR Place social media, pr, students, media relations, journalism
The Rosemont Loving links, politics, uk, current affairs, humour
The Spud Gun pr, journalism, blogs, the internet, technology
Todd Andrlik audio & video, humour, marketing, media, technology
ToughSledding pr, pr education, kent, ethics, prsa
Valley PR Blog best practices, media, social media, hype, phoenix
Wadds’ tech pr blog social media, media, pr, after work, technology
Web Ink Now marketing, pr, new rules of marketing and pr, corporate blogging, best practices
Wired PR Works blogs, pr, marketing, business blog, barbara rozgonyi
wordymouth pr, courts, links, spin this, thoughts
Young PR blogging, online pr, new practitioners, students, word of mouth

Please note that I’ve updated the tags for Don’t eat the shrimp and Online Marketing Blog. They seemed to have problems with their tags, and commented as such on the original post. So I’ve tagged them with a combination of what they say they are, complemented with what Google Adwords says. Meanwhile, I guess this isn’t a bad thing for them as they’re getting extra links via this explanation…! It also means the social network diagram and tag lists are a bit different, so I’ve republished them.

Also, please take a look at the original tagging post to see what data scrubbing I performed. In short, there were numerous examples where people had tagged posts ‘pr’, ‘public relations’, ‘publicrelations’, ‘public-relations’, ‘public_relations’, and so on – sometimes even on the same blog! In all these cases I standardised them to just ‘pr’. Same for many other tags, especially social media.

What are we talking about? Part II.

A week ago I published the results of tag analysis of the blogs in the PR Friendly Index. I put together a social network diagram which showed how the blogs in the index related to the tags they used. It made for some interesting results – so go and read that post now if you’re interested!

I said I’d be publishing some more analysis, so here we have it – the frequency with which tags are used. Click any tag to go to Technorati and see who else uses it:

pr 62
social media 43
blogging 21
marketing 21
media 19
technology 16
blogs 13
journalism 8
web 2.0 7
communications 5
events 5
personal 5
business 4
ethics 4
facebook 4
google 4
humour 4
online pr 4
politics 4
prfung 4
students 4
web 3
corporate blogging 3
media relations 3
podcasting 3
pr 2.0 3
prsa 3
tools 3
twitter 3
word of mouth 3
agencies 3
agency life 2
articles 2
best practices 2
conferences 2
corporate communications 2
corporations 2
current affairs 2
edelman 2
for immediate release 2
international 2
interviews 2
links 2
miscellaneous 2
music 2
myspace 2
new media 2
pr measurement 2
press releases 2
random 2
social networking 2
social networks 2
technology pr 2
uk 2
youtube 2
101 updates 2
2.0 1
academic 1
after work 1
apropos of nothing 1
articles – british politics 1
articles – middle east 1
attractions 1
audio & video 1
bad pitch 1
bad pitch 1
barbara rozgonyi 1
battlefield 1
blog measurement 1
blog tips 1
bloggers 1
blogs – andy rowell 1
blogs – nicholas jones 1
bumpf 1
bunny sightings 1
business blog 1
business blogging 1
careers 1
case studies 1
casual fridays 1
charlottesville 1
cipr 1
citizen marketing 1
client news 1
cliff saran 1
commentary 1
communication tactics 1
communications evolution 1
conference 1
corporate blogs 1
courts 1
crisis communications 1
customer service 1
damage control 1
debate 1
design 1
dialogue 1
education 1
environment 1
e-pr 1
featured 1
features 1
firstpersonpr 1
flaks 1
green communications 1
hacks 1
holiday 1
houston agencies 1
hp 1
hype 1
ike pigott 1
images from the road 1
impact 1
indian pr industry 1
industry 1
inside pr 1
internet marketing 1
internet pr 1
ipod 1
ireland 1
isle of man 1
isle of man examiner 1
israel technology 1
kent 1
korea 1
life outside pr 1
livingston communications 1
mainstream media 1
marketing communications 1
measurement 1
measuring influence 1
media blogging 1
media coverage 1
media people 1
motoring 1
msm 1
myprpro 1
naked pr 1
new pr 1
new practitioners 1
new rules of marketing and pr 1
new york times 1
newcomm forum 1
news 1
news and commentary 1
news briefs 1
nothing in particular 1
occam’s razr 1
optimization 1
personal productivity 1
pgillin 1
philosophy 1
phoenix 1
piaras kelly 1
pitches 1
podcasts 1
pr blog jots 1
pr blogging 1
pr blogs 1
pr disasters 1
pr education 1
pr evaluation 1
pr in ireland 1
pr tips 1
prlist 1
profession 1
public 1
quick tips 1
quote of the day 1
reviews – books 1
sam sethi 1
san antonio 1
search 1
search engine marketing 1
second life 1
sentiment 1
seo 1
soapbox 1
social media marketing 1
social media measurement 1
social media news release 1
sony 1
spin this 1
strategy 1
strumpette 1
student 1
summits 1
tags 1
tax 1
techgadgets 1
texas 1
the internet 1
the pr 2.0 universe 1
the profession 1
the technology biz 1
the wonderful world of tech 1
thinking 1
thoughts 1
topaz 1
topazpartners 1
trade shows 1
u.s. government 1
utterz 1
varia 1
video 1
watch 1
web x.0 1
weekly articles 1
week’s best 1
wikipedia 1
wikis 1
work 1
world pr festival 1

(Note these are all in lower case quite simply because they look pretty that way. In the social media network I put them in upper case to distinguish them from the blog addresses. I hope this doesn’t cause confusion – it’s aesthetics over informatics, I’m afraid. Note also that this was after some data scrubbing to standardise the ‘onomies’ a little, and that two of the blogs I mentioned in the previous post have since accounted for anomalies in their results.)

We would expect PR to be at the top. I guess we would expect marketing and media to be there too. But I am (pleasantly) surprised that social media is a healthy second place, and blogging is just below that. This is reflected in the social network diagram, in that PR and social media are the two largest and most central nodes (that is, the greatest number of blogs link to them).

I suppose this makes sense given that PR bloggers would tend to be, by definition, more aware of social media and blogging. But I do wonder what this study would have revealed, say, a year ago? Two years? And looking ahead, how will this change? A sneaking part of me wonders whether blogging will decline in popularity and social networks will rise. Perhaps Facebook will usurp it?

It looks like we have a long tail here. Let’s use Many Eyes again to show this – and you can either go to Many Eyes to see the original chart, or just click the image below:

 PR Friendly Index Tag Frequencies

As with the social network data, the data for this is publicly available on Many Eyes. Feel free to take this and do whatever you like with it!

Finally, I would like to ask what exactly PRfung is all about? I was surprised when it first emerged, but even more surprised to see it emerge four times. I mean, really? What is PRfung? We need to know. Or at least, I need to know. Quite frankly I’m afraid to type it into Google…