Metrica Numbers go crunch!

Metrica, the analysis and measurement company, has issued its PR industry benchmark report called Metrica Numbers, and it’s a serious piece of work.

My initial reaction is that it’s gold dust, which Metrica are graciously liberally sprinkling all over the PR blogosphere. To wit:

“This report consolidates media analysis meta-data from more than three million press articles featuring 700 organisations over the last decade to enable industry trends to be identified. As well as top line findings, it looks at key breakdowns by media type, sector and specific media titles.”

I have a copy and while I don’t have time to go through it carefully – I’m about to go on holiday but this popped up and I wanted to flag it – Metrica has, of course, already done this for you. It presents its key findings on its ‘Measurement Matters’ blog and I recommend you go and take a look. You can also download the full report in exchange for contact details.

I love measurement. In fact, I don’t see how you can do anything without it – the old adage about measurement to manage is so true, especially in PR and social media. Whenever I go through my Google Reader stats I find that KD Paine is up there, simply because she writes about stuff I like. Something tells me I’m going to be doing the same with Metrica posts from now on…

2 thoughts on “Metrica Numbers go crunch!

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