I hate the permanent beta

So, the WordPress.com blog interface has changed. It’s been given a facelift. A rearrange. A bit of a dust-over.

I have nothing against this. I can testify that it looks a lot cleaner, and it has nice big fonts, and I’m sure the changes are in response to a lot of comments from other WordPress.com users.

Other users. Not me. The Others. Those strange people with no brains who wander around in the night, bouncing off walls and stumbling into gutters. Those strange people with magnificent plumage who parade themselves about the village square, pecking and clucking. Those strange people in Escher drawings who walk up walls, across ceilings, and continue to spiral ever upwards.

Those people. Not me.

So, it would seem that, having become accustomed to a perfectly serviceable interface for quite some time, I have suddenly just approved 25 comments when I thought I was approving 10.

God knows what I just approved. The Bouncy A-Go-Go Club? Ticklers-R-Us? The ‘People Who Are Interested In Monkeys In A Non-Sex Way (Forum for gentlemen with a leaning towards simian interests)’ Facebook group (by invitation only)?*

Who knows. I’m sure there are now spangly comments all over my blog with slightly dodgy entries. Probably lots of links in them. Probably some choice words from a thesaurus or two, I imagine.

My point is: why change when things were going so well? The old WordPress interface and me, we had a thing going. OK, so I couldn’t find where to switch the wysiwyg interface on – several times. OK, so I found the Options menu a bit confusing. But I knew what I was doing.

And I wasn’t given a choice, was I? In this world of the permanent beta I just have to accept that certain choices have been made on my behalf, and that, no matter how I try, I won’t be able to go back to what I was comfortable with. Hence the 20+ comments I just approved by accident.

I’m sure the world around me is improving. But sometimes I just wish – I wish – I were given the opportunity to decide whether or not that’s so before committing. You know?

* This group exists. I accepted the invitation. I inhabited that mad world for a while. Then I left. I might join again. It had merit. 

3 thoughts on “I hate the permanent beta

  1. Yeah, I’m not so sure that I’m impressed with this new phase of “permanent beta”. The Dashboard looks terrible in IE 6.0 (hey, this is my work PC, what can I say?)

    I hear unusual things about WP 2.5 as well.

  2. A problem that could be avoided by allowing people to choose whether they want this particular upgrade on an individual basis…

    The only problem comes when you give people the choice to stay as they are, and human nature means that almost everyone stays with what they know – meaning you can’t move forward.

    Tis a tricky thing to manage. It’s what I term the supermarket effect. Even if the supermarket moving things around eventually makes your shopping easier and quicker, the first time you visit, you’ll only ever swear at the fact it’s changed.

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