The Friendly Chat: Pierre-Antoine Rousseau, IE-Lobbying

The following is cross-posted on a new blog called PNeo. Watch out for more cross-posts as well as insights, observations and analysis from the digital team at Porter Novelli, my employer.  Pierre-Antoine Rousseau is Online Marketing Manager at EurActiv, the independent media portal fully dedicated to EU affairs. He runs his blog at What … Continue reading The Friendly Chat: Pierre-Antoine Rousseau, IE-Lobbying

Metrica Numbers go crunch!

Metrica, the analysis and measurement company, has issued its PR industry benchmark report called Metrica Numbers, and it's a serious piece of work. My initial reaction is that it's gold dust, which Metrica are graciously liberally sprinkling all over the PR blogosphere. To wit: "This report consolidates media analysis meta-data from more than three million press articles featuring … Continue reading Metrica Numbers go crunch!


I know I haven't been particularly active on this blog recently, but just to account for my silence over the next week and a half: I'm going to a place that has no radio, TV, mobile or web. Bliss. I'm kind of hoping that when I get back I'll have lots of fresh new ideas … Continue reading Holiday

links for 2008-04-04

Build a Facebook Profile You Can Be Proud Of If you want to use FB for marketing purposes, why reinvent the wheel when Neil Patel has also invented such a nice, shiny, round one? (tags: pneo001 advertising blog blogging brand business buzz facebook howto news social socialnetworking tips toread Marketing profile branding networking lifehacks)

Ghost blogging? It’s going to happen. Get over it already.

source »      The blogosphere is no garden of Eden. We can try to self-regulate, but in so doing we're only exposing our own naïveté.  In the beginning, there was the web.  It was beautiful. It was perceived - and conceived - as a nirvana, a democracy of thought, in which money held no sway. Then, money woke up. … Continue reading Ghost blogging? It’s going to happen. Get over it already.