Not so much a Twitterer as a Twit

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Twitterfeed is quite cool. You can use it to take any RSS feed and push it into your Twitter account. So, I’ve set it up to cross-post when I add something to my blog, plus randomly pick something out of my PR feed every six hours. In this way, I’m using Twitter to maintain awareness but not actually have to ‘waste time’ typing up to 140 characters of banal nonsense every few minutes.

Great idea, right?


Increasingly I’m starting to understand what a ‘good’ Twitterer looks like. Check out Dave Fleet or Valeria Maltoni for example. Do you see what I see? Yep – lots of Tweets that are ‘@’ people. In other words, no random broadcasts, no pushed-out adverts from RSS feeds. Good Twitterers use Twitter actually to communicate and engage with people.

Furthermore, good Twitterers already seem to have a community of contemporaries out there. It seems that they use Twitter to keep in touch with them, rather than build up a community.

So I’m starting to think I may be more a twit than a Twitterer. I’ve been assured by some very knowledgeable people that I could be giving up a lot of good relationships and connections by using it simply as an RSS broadcast channel.

And this makes me realise that even though Twitter might be more effective with an already established community, it’s no different from other social media in that it is used most effectively when you engage with that community.

Which leads me to the real issue: finding the time. I need to find a way in which to maintain this blog as well as PNeo, engage properly through all the great social media resources at my disposal, as well as start cultivating more ‘real life’ relationships that can be sustained through Twitter. I need to engage with people as well as hold down a full time job!

I keep trying to make it to the Coach and Horses for the Friday social media cafe each week but find I need to stick around at Porter Novelli and get work done. But heck, if busy people like Neville Hobson can do this, then so should I.

So perhaps the real deal here is that I just need to get myself organised. I need to divide my time between these activities and let it be known that this is what I’m doing. So that next time I’m pulled into a meeting or a brainstorm or a conference call, I need to tell people that I’m, erm, going to the pub instead or, aah, writing on my blog. It’s a tough assignment but one I’m prepared to accept.

7 thoughts on “Not so much a Twitterer as a Twit

  1. Agreed Brendan – I don’t get how everyone finds the time to fit everything in. Will McInnes has given me stick in the past because i complained about not having the time to play on my new Wii. I think you just have to be selective what you pay attention to and stop watching re-runs of scrubs on the weekend

  2. 🙂

    Actually it’s been mostly re-runs of Green Wing and Father Ted courtesy of 4oD and my new Home 2.0 setup! And near-endless bouts of Pacman and Phoenix on Mame.

  3. Am now following you on Twitter, Brendan. Since I activated my account about a month ago, I’ve made so many interesting new friends and contacts. Finding time to Twitter is an issue. I check in when I need a quick “commercial break” during the day. Here’s a link to a Twitter guide for you and your readers: Feel free to follow me on Twitter @wiredprworks.

  4. @Tim – yes, that is *very* old school, and I like it that way. The 1980s were truly the high point of video games with superb playability. Next up is going to be a ZX Spectrum emulator.

    @Dil – I’m sure there’s plenty of info on Twitter in other languages. That’s assuming you’re a human being, not a meta-munching bot.

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