TWL is reborn in a cunning new guise

Strong brands are great. They work across different media, different sectors, even different industries.

If you’re lucky, you’ll remember The World’s Leading. ‘It’ – for no one really seems to know TWL’s true identity – was a blog with a definite edge. You would go to TWL for a fun take on PR, kind of like Strumpette but without the venom. It stood out.

TWL seemed to be making big strides, firstly with a complete blog revamp with his/her/its own URL, a clever ‘notebook’ layout and even a stab at monetisation through ads.

Then came the coup de grace – the Flackenhacks. This was partly sponsored by Porter Novelli and we put the video of the event together in our Studio 31 facility. General consensus seemed to be that it was a great success, enabling people from the industry just to get together and let the gossip and booze flow freely. TWL received great credit for organising it, and rightly so.

Then, everything stopped. TWL issued a decidedly final post, and that was the end of that. No more monkey suit. He/she/it popped up briefly on Facebook under the cunning guise of Theo World’s-Leading, complete with picture of baby gorilla (perhaps he/she/it would like to join me in the ‘People who are slightly interested in monkeys in a non-sex way‘ Facebook group). But that wasn’t to great fanfaronade.

Now, TWL has reincarnated as a social network on Ning. I’m a fully signed up member (although somehow I seem to have managed to do this twice, not sure how). And, because I associated TWL The Blog with a good, sharp tang and a strong peppery aftertaste, I’m hoping TWL The Social Network will do the same. I’m hoping the brand will make that leap from blog to network. The ‘boilerplate’ gives me confidence:

Gossip, banter, rumour, sensible stuff, chatter, bollocks…it’s all welcome.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering whether this truly is a masterstroke on behalf of TWL. He/she/it can now just sit back and let everyone else do the talking!

2 thoughts on “TWL is reborn in a cunning new guise

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  2. Hi Brendan

    Well, you know, The Flackenhacks lives on. Fullrun (my site) was 50% of original Flackenhacks shebang last October. We’re now planning further Fullrun-TWL-Flackenhacks events for 2008. Watch this space…

    Peter Kirwan

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