Coca cola conversations: fizz buzz!

Coca-Cola may have cracked the corporate blog code.

My first reaction on hearing Coca Cola had set up a corporate blog: “Oh no, not again.” I almost didn’t bother looking. I thought it would be grossly over-branded, unbearably saccharine (like the product itself – allegedly) and lacking in credibility of any kind. To my mind, ‘corporate’ and ‘blog’ just don’t fit.

But wait! Take a look at the blogger profile:

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Phil Mooney, and I have served as the historian/archivist for The Coca-Cola Company for the last 30 years.”

More about him here.

So, this isn’t a CEO, nor is it a ghost-written blog. It’s written by an historian/archivist. There’s a photo of him, and he looks like one. He even sounds like one: “Let me introduce myself… I have served…” It’s endearingly non-social-media.

I think this is a neat move on the part of Coca-Cola. I’m not pretending for a moment that this unassuming historian/archivist isn’t towing a corporate line or promoting certain messages, but I do think there’s a certain credibility in having what is generally perceived as a trustworthy, bookish librarian communicate with the wider audience.

Perhaps every company should have one. Alternatively of course, every company could set up a corporate blog and give the ghost-writer the working title of ‘archivist’. I’m not sure that my youthful good looks would be quite appropriate for the role however.

3 thoughts on “Coca cola conversations: fizz buzz!

  1. While working on a project about the history of appliances for Sears I got to tour the archives. Lots of really cool stuff down there that no one got to see – unless they took a tour. Agree that Coca-Cola’s got the right idea: their blog celebrates the company’s relationship to our culture across generations. The archival blog concept works for any company/organization whose loyal customers appreciate nostalgia.

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