My Biggest Influencers are… me, myself, I

Influence? Moi?

Interesting one, this. Cece Lee was tagged for a meme on Your Biggest Influencers and, in turn, tagged me.

It’s a funny thing, and I don’t want to come across as weird (or, at least, more weird than I already am), but I honestly don’t think I’m influenced by anyone. Really, I’ve tried hard to think about this one. My parents generally left me to make my own decisions in life, mainly because, as a recalcitrant teenager, they couldn’t persuade me either way anyway. I value my friends’ opinions obviously, but we don’t generally talk about anything influence-worthy. We are men after all, and communicate in a language of gestures and grunts. My partner’s opinion is obviously very important but is she influential? Again, like my parents, she will advise but doesn’t seek to influence. Probably for the same reason my parents eventually gave up.

I think I’m more influenced by my own instinctive, gut reactions. I recently had to make big decisions about my professional life and, whereas I took advice from confidantes, at the end of the day the decision was based on what I felt to be right.

I hope I don’t come across as a hard-nosed, isolated individual here. Just to prove I’m not totally alone, I’m going to tag three people with whom I’ve had contact via this blog: Ike Pigott, KD Paine, and Jeremy Pepper. Let’s see what they say.

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2 thoughts on “My Biggest Influencers are… me, myself, I

  1. I can’t speak for Jeremy, but Katie and I have already passed through this meme.

    In fact, just for fun, I tracked your lineage on this:

    CeCe ( was tagged by Paul Dunay (, who was tagged by Paul Gillin (, who was tagged by KD Paine(, who was tagged by Susan Getgood (, who was originally tagged by Kami Huyse (, who also tagged me (

    (Please feel free to edit and clean up the links… I’m at a different computer)

    I don’t think Jeremy has played yet — but I do find it very interesting that in different ways, we all catch inspiration from different parts of each other.

    And that’s the Friendly Way.

  2. LOL – isn’t it interesting to see how this meme made full circle. Wonder if the 6 degrees applies here! Brendan, you still inspire me =) Cece

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