New social media feed and OPML file

In a moment (ok, couple of hours) of idleness I just assembled a social media feed. You can see it to the right of this blog, busily churning out social-media-related items. I also channel this into my ‘officially’ and ‘unofficially’ feeds, which give overviews of blogging and news respectively from the tech, copywriting, journalist, PR and now social media worlds.

I should add that I didn’t compile the social media list myself. Oh no. I came across a fantastic page which lists and describes the top 100 social media sites. There’s no explanation of why they’re ‘top’, that is, no metrics, but for once I don’t care. It’s a tremendous effort, but sadly the page itself currently seems to be down (it’s at and it’s currently returning a server error). So I used the cached version instead. I don’t know how long that will stick around so I’ve even saved it locally and I swear, if it does disappear, I’ll host it here.

Meantime, after assembling the feeds, I realised I had a nice clean OPML file that I could share. This is mainly because Google Reader slowed down so much that I used an old account instead, cleared out the subscriptions, and built it all up from scratch. The file has most of the blogs on that page, although some don’t appear to have feeds. It also conveniently pigeonholes them all into their categories as per that page too. I’m not sure I agree with all the categorisation, but it’s a starting point.

So, feel free to:

  • Subscribe to the Social Media feed – just click here, or on the feed to the right, or take a look at my subscribe page for more details
  • Download the OPML file for the social media blogs. To do this, right-click here and save the file, then import it into your news aggregator. I’m seriously considering doing this for the blogs on the PowerPR list too now so watch this space…

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4 thoughts on “New social media feed and OPML file

  1. Brendan, *why* do you think it is a “tremendous effort,” given that there is no rationale and no metrics? Let alone the fact that several of the blogs appear to be in wrong or inappropriate categories in terms of focus (at least they weren’t when I looked at the list originally).

    I am beginning to think you are an obsessive-compulsive list lover….

  2. Perhaps I am 🙂

    Then again, as I explained for the Power PR list, it was borne by building up a list of blogs I liked. So, with social media, I will do the opposite: that is, take a look in Google Reader at the blogs that I’ve shared and remove the ones I don’t seem to look at.

    I still think it’s a great page, especially as the author has gone to the trouble of providing a quick summary of each one. It’s provided me with a readymade beginning to explore more social-media oriented sites than PR.

    At the end of the day it was quite simply to provide a source for a new RSS feed, and you can either take the OPML file or leave it. Heck, you can totally ignore the post if you don’t like it!

  3. Ignore what? Your post or the post about the list?

    In general, I’m dismissive of any list that makes sweeping claims of being a “top” one, unless I know the source to be knowledgeable and credible in terms of reputation (online AND offline), reliability, influence and general motivation for creating the list (e.g., is it a service? is it link bait? is it a way to try and curry favour with other bloggers?). I’ve never heard the name of the person who authored this list. And I bet most of the bloggers listed as being “tops” had never heard of her or her blog either, but that didn’t prevent a rush of cloying “thank you for including me” comments…. As per the usual link-love dance.

    Oh well. Suffice it to say your love of top lists is shared by several others, particularly the bloggers who think it is important to be on said lists.


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