Commoncraft tells it like it is – properly

For some time I’ve had a YouTube video embedded in my subscribe page, explaining how RSS works. It describes it so neatly and concisely that I use some of its ideas when telling people about it myself.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered where it came from: the sublimely talented crew at Commoncraft.

If you have difficulty getting the hang of, well, just about anything in our modern age, from social bookmarking through to blogging to zombies (zombies?), go and take a look at their show. All will become clear.

I used to be scornful of organisations such as the Plain English Campaign, thinking they were exactly the types who rub their hands with glee listening to Radio 4’s Quote Unquote in which terribly dull people try to explain the origins of phrases that may or may not have been invented by unknown people at some point since prehistory.

Since becoming ‘a communicator’ however, I really appreciate what they’re trying to do. Today for example, I read a letter in PR Week explaining how information could enhance our actions. Do what?

If you want a taster, here’s their video explaining wikis:

One thought on “Commoncraft tells it like it is – properly

  1. I love these videos and recommend them all the time – I’ve even seen them used in a presentation on new media to international PR practitioners at a major company direct from YouTube. Not only very helpful (even if English isn’t your native language), but illustrative of how new media works best – not big budget, use of humour and entirely helpful.

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