Got it slightly wrong.

I was just working on some aspects of the PowerPR index - or whatever I'm going to call it cos I don't like that name any longer - and suddenly had a slightly uncomfortable feeling that my 'Which metric is the most important' may not have been strictly correct. I just added up the figures … Continue reading Got it slightly wrong.

Podcasting tips

I keep hearing podcasts that just need some really simple fixes to make a big difference to their audio quality. Having been on a crash-course in radio production, and running the Studio 31 facility at Porter Novelli, I know that there are certain standards you must adhere to in radio. This is why you can … Continue reading Podcasting tips

Twitter maintenance: the official and unofficial stories

So Twitter is 'performing maintenance'. It's still down at the time of writing. They've been very transparent and, so the reasoning goes, credible in their dealings, giving regular updates on their blog as they go along. Thing is, I've worked in enough environments where software is provided as a service to get an insight into … Continue reading Twitter maintenance: the official and unofficial stories

New social media feed and OPML file

In a moment (ok, couple of hours) of idleness I just assembled a social media feed. You can see it to the right of this blog, busily churning out social-media-related items. I also channel this into my 'officially' and 'unofficially' feeds, which give overviews of blogging and news respectively from the tech, copywriting, journalist, PR and now … Continue reading New social media feed and OPML file