The Social Media Resource gives you – and everyone else – an advantage.

I’ve been thinking about my Social Media Resource recently. I’ve been updating it with case studies provided by the Great Kami Huyse, but I’m aware – quite painfully so – that it’s brief. It just lists PR activity compared to resource, with little else.

So, we could go deeper and broader, with full-on case studies, measurements, and discussion. But at what point does the Social Media Resource stop being a self-contained, immediate, prescriptive source of inspiration, and start being, what, a wiki? A blog? A forum? The entire PR blogosphere?

When I put it together, I kept getting a reflex action. I kept thinking: no, people will not share their information because they will have won their experience through failure as well as success. Of course they will want to protect this information. Of course they won’t want to hand their hard-won knowledge, on a plate, to anyone who bothers to look. I know that at least one respondent said they didn’t want to contribute because I was anonymous. I’m not anonymous anymore but still, people don’t know who I work for. That’s only because my company’s flat-headed blogging policy won’t allow me to.

But then a secondary impulse would kick in. The thought was: well, if everyone shared, then we’d all be able to up our game. We’d all get better at using social media. We wouldn’t have to say who we were or even give proof of success. And I’d like to think that the secondary impulse was one of: ok, so we’re all trying to pitch and win against each other, but if we can level the playing ground regarding social media then really, it’s up to how clever we are and how well we execute.

So the Social Media Resource is a way of removing the noise. It’s a way of providing immediate problem/solution, or at least a pointer in a direction. It’s still up to the practitioners to decide which direction to take, or define the problem, or adopt whichever solution.

The Social Resource isn’t a plan or a methodology. It’s a ready-reckoner. It’s a rule of thumb. Goddammit, it’s a damn fine idea and I wish more people would use it!

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