Imooty: the first navigator for European news

… it says here. Imooty is more than that though: it’s the embodiment of a non-intimidating layout that might just persuade some people to embrace feeds and aggregators without realising they’re doing so.

Imooty is a Europe-wide news aggregator. Just click the country you want to see, and the news appears. I lived in Spain for a while, so I click Spain on the funky little map and immediately get news from El Pais, La Vanguardia, and Sur. This could be useful for quickly getting to grips with the major media from across the continent. It even offers a ‘translate to Babel fish’ option so, assuming you’re not daft enough to take everything Babel fish takes for granted, you can even understand it too, after a fashion.

I can also click news topics within each country. So, while the Times ‘news’ tab lists ‘Boys on trial for murder after man was kicked to death outside his home’, if I click the ‘world’ tab, I get ‘Imran Khan phases terror charges after Islamist rivals halt protest’. So Imooty goes horizontally across Europe, and vertically by topic, and in the process illustrates that there is trouble and strife all over the place. There’s also fluff such as horoscopes, traffic news and so on.

This is a nice intermediate step between the full-on diy approach of a news aggregator, and a web site. It’s essentially an aggregator in which someone else has done a lot of the dog work for you. And if you think that’s not the point of an aggregator – and you’d be right, because the point is that you use one to see your own news, not someone else’s – then you can pick and choose which bits you want to see in your ‘My Imooty’ tab, and you can add RSS feeds which appear alongside the pre-set feeds, nicely formatted.

I recently explained Google Reader to my father who, on seeing its home page, exclaimed that it was like creating your own newspaper (and I liked that analogy so much that I use it now to explain it to other people, in the same way Pandora is your own radio station, or iTunes for that matter with podcasts). Imooty is exactly that: slot items together, and they’re laid out before you in a nice, uncluttered page. I can imagine the people who freeze in front of Google Reader, Bloglines et al being more comfortable with this.

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