From slideshare to the Social Media Club

I love it when I make a connection.

This time, I’d had in my ‘blog ideas’ file, a link to a fabulous slideshare presentation entitled ‘Measuring Social Media’. I wanted to look into this both to gain some insight, and to find out more about slideshare. I found out so much more in the process!

Firstly, the presentation. If you’re remotely interested in figuring out whether your social media campaign actually worked, go and have a look. I got especially excited about slide 16 which is a great summary of the freely available metrics out there.

Secondly, slideshare itself. I’ve come across it before and duly added it to the Social Media Resource, but hadn’t actually added any applications for it (I’m rectifying this now – see below). So it was nice to come across it again. Slideshare is YouTube for Powerpoint presentations. I’d imagine people come to it with a fairly specific requirement as opposed to YouTubers who just want to see funny cats, but as a resource for hosting presentations and enabling conversation around them, it’s a neat idea.

Thirdly, the originator of the slideshow. I’d lost the context for the link, so dug around – and it’s Kami Huyse! Way to go Kami! She gave me a really nice write-up recently when I got back into blogging and pointed me to some great case studies which I’m also busily incorporating into the social media resource. So, what goes around comes around.

But a step back. Kami’s presentation was part of a workshop entitled ‘Starting the conversation’, and a look at the agenda shows a seriously heavyweight cast of presenters showcasing great material. If only this were being shown in Austins, Devon, instead of Austin Tx, I would have stood a chance of attending. The event was held under the auspices of the Social Media Club (strapline ‘If you get it, share it’), and I will certainly be looking out for London events in future.

And let’s complete the circle. Between 4 and 5pm, who should be talking but the people behind Direct2Dell, the blog I wrote about recently.

The only problem I have with the event is that I cannot subscribe to the workshop feed or even, surprisingly, its blog. I just get the standard ‘Hello World, this is your first post’ WordPress message. This needs fixing.

Anyway, there you go. You leave something on ice for a while, the trail goes cold, but on picking it up again you find something red hot.

One thought on “From slideshare to the Social Media Club

  1. I just looked and the posts are there, but for some reason the RSS link is not and the home page is broken – will fix today – thanks for pointing out. That said, there are presentations and videos on the page you linked to, so perhaps it is another problem altogether with RSS and IE??? Regardless, thanks for the mention and the heads up on the issues…


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