Not so much a relocation as a redirect

Since ‘coming out’ as Brendan Cooper (after having been Friendly Ghost for quite some time), I decided to look into getting my own domain.

After getting lost in the myriad combination of WordPress hosting and domain name providers, it turned out to be really, really easy through WordPress. Simply buy the domain and WordPress will redirect your blog to it, and continue to host it.

So, this is still a WordPress-hosted blog – check out the ever-so-slightly clunky theme, which I would like to change if I hosted it myself – but we’re running from instead. Fantastic. Although if I’m honest with the PowerPR index in future this will mean my ‘Brendan Cooper’ incarnation will go right to the bottom.

Furthermore, I noticed I can use Google Apps to get my own email address to match. So now if you contact me, you’ll get a message back from my brand spanking new email address.

Even better than that, I discovered I can access other email accounts through the one account in Gmail. So now I gather up all the other gmail accounts I’ve accrued over the years and squirt them through to my Outlook Express in one neat, efficient operation.

It’s moments like this that make me wonder whether I would have made a better telephone operator than copywriter.

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