I haven’t lost my mojo, mofo!

OK, so the moment I decide not to blog any more, one of the most bizarre weeks in PR ensues:

  • FEMA performs (as in ‘break a leg’) to the worst of its ability with a mock press release attended by its own employees. Talk about preaching to the converted. Did they honestly believe they could get away with it? Don’t they see the harm they’ve done to PR? It reminds me of the inflatable boy who lived in an inflatable world, went to his inflatable school one day with a drawing pin, was hauled before his inflatable headmaster who told him he’d not just let himself down, but his family, his school, and his entire community.
  • Heather Mills, estranged wife of His Holiness Sir Paul “Ey up la” McCartney, goes bananas on air. Actually, if anyone has taken the time to watch available recordings of this, she doesn’t. She’s surprisingly articulate and compelling. Heck, at least she’s trying to tell the truth, which FEMA isn’t. So is…
  • Chris Anderson of Wired, who embarked on what David Strom of the Tech PR War Stories podcast has just this moment characterised in my good ear as a ‘pre-emptive nuclear strike’ against the flacks by publishing the email addresses of people who kept trying to pitch him with irrelevant guff. Strom’s take on it? Just use filters like everyone else. Easy as cake. Piece of pie.
  • Over a slightly longer time period, stuff has been happening in the PR blogosphere. As well as Strumpette having a strop, TWL seemed to have run out of steam after the Flackenhacks, and Steve Rubel claimed we’re all skunk drunk on our own Kool-aid. I’m not entirely sure what that means but he’s claiming our current situation is like the first dotcom bubble. Let me tell you, I worked for a start-up dotcom slap-bang in the middle of that boom, and this is nothing like it. Then, people were selling potential *everything* – brand, income, subscriptions. Now, social media sites such as Facebook have actual bazillions of people using them. There is something quantifiable and tangible to sell.
  • Other developments were closer to home. I had some very nice comments and emails of support when I said I was hanging up my soft fluffy blogging booties, and came across a very forthright posting on Getting Ink claiming I’d ‘lost my mojo’. Grrr! No one calls me chicken!

So I’ve decided to quit moaning and take up blogging again. I’ve grabbed my leatherette fur-lined chinstrap and am buttoning down my sou’wester right now. Who knows, I might even pull my finger out and get another edition of the PowerPR index published.

And in case you haven’t noticed, no more ‘Friendly Ghost’ nonsense any more: I’m Brendan Cooper (yes, that really is my name). But I’m still not allowed to tell you who I work for. Mofo.

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7 thoughts on “I haven’t lost my mojo, mofo!

  1. Well, if it was good enough for Strumpette – several times – it’s good enough for me! Seriously though, I did genuinely go through a month during which I just couldn’t be bothered with it, and probably a month before that in which I was struggling. It just seems that the time away did me some good, and I’ve got lots of ideas in the pipeline now. I finally managed to complete the back-end stuff for the PowerPR index over the weekend so hopefully that will become a feature again, and I have some free time coming up during which I’ll be compiling the Social Media Resource with case studies. Perhaps I was rash to say ‘Never again’.

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