This may be an ex-blog

In case noone’s noticed, I haven’t posted for nigh on three weeks now. I’m not sure why this is – I just seem to have stopped.

I started the blog around last Christmas as part of a ‘Things I Must Learn About’ list, which also included stuff like RSS, aggregators, wikis and the like. Since then I have indeed found out a lot about them, and much more such as Yahoo Pipes and Google Docs, although I haven’t really been able to put much of this knowledge to practice in my professional life. I’ve also been very lax with updating the Social Media Resource, which never really took off anyway, and especially the PowerPR index which was fun at first but is now quite a bind.

So I’m wondering whether I’ve learned enough now, and whether this blog has come to its natural end. Since stopping posting my readership has plummeted, although curiously my subscriptions have climbed! As with so much in the blogosphere, this makes no sense. I’ll let it continue in its current form because at least the feeds churn out content, which some people have found useful, and the Social Media Resource might find a home some time.

So, this is just by way of explanation. I might get the bug again soon, but in the meantime this is Friendly Ghost signing off for a while. I might concentrate on the music again, or turn my attention to something completely different.

Oh, and I may as well come clean – my real name is Brendan Cooper, not Friendly Ghost. I really am a copywriter (for the time being) and I really do work in PR (ditto), but I can’t tell you who I work for because my company’s policy on personal blogs forbids association. How uncool is that?

Brendan aka Friendly Ghost

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8 thoughts on “This may be an ex-blog

  1. Hey Brendan

    Sorry to hear you may be packin’ it in! I’ve (silently) enjoyed your posts… and hope you decide to keep a toe dipped in the blogging waters for us loyal subscribers.

    All the best


  2. Wow! Nice to finally meet you Brendan. I had noticed the posting had slowed and thought you may have been busy. I enjoy your insights, especially as a ghost writer. I think you provide good insight as you do this on a professional level vs those who do it as part of our day-to-day.

    If you’re ever in the Bay Area, please drop a line. Until then, cheers!

  3. Brendan…

    I ended up putting a blog to sleep for my own reasons more than a year ago, and it still has 25 subscribers! Of course, once I started fresh with a different theme and a new focus it didn’t take long to pull many of them back in.

    The only thing worse than not writing and expressing yourself is doing so for the wrong reasons. If you don’t have the muse, don’t settle for aimless musing.

    And you’re always welcome to comment at Occam’s RazR, even if none of us is quite sure what it is!

  4. Brendan –

    Sorry to hear you’re calling it a day … I’ve really enjoyed your blog over the past several months. And, I’ve made several connections to other blogs around the world through yours, which has been great. I’ll be keeping you in the feeder, just in case you get the writing bug again 🙂

    In the meantime, I’m sure everyone will be disappointed to hear the PowerPR index might be over, too (let’s face it … PR people LOVE lists).


  5. I am one of those faithful readers and was just wondering if you were on a long holiday, thus the lag in posts. Sorry to hear you are considering to let the blog go. You’ve such interesting thoughts…

    hope to see you back again.

  6. You’ve done fantastic work here. Thank you for informing and inspiring. As a fellow tech copywriter and blogger, the Friendly Ghost was the yardstick against which I measured my online efforts.

    When a project’s done, it’s done. I look forward to whatever’s next!

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