And if you thought the ‘Exploding Colour’ Sony Bravia ad was cool…

… check this out (first seen over the weekend):

Here’s some background to it:

“A team of 40 animators spent three weeks choreographing the models to create the 100,000 still images required to produce the 60-second ad.”

Yes, that really is clay-mation. It’s by Fallon, they of the other Sony Bravia ads, Cake Skoda and Cadbury’s Gorilla. The Sony ads are particularly interesting from a PR point of view because they are totally open to the public during filming and in fact that is integral to this advert. People take photos, show interest, and blog about the ad’s creation before it even hits the screens (which means I’m probably dreadfully late to this). Then the video that comes out of this process is perfect for viral YouTube-type treatments.

So is this PR, or advertising, or both? 

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One thought on “And if you thought the ‘Exploding Colour’ Sony Bravia ad was cool…

  1. The Fallon ads are fascinating because they are all certainly memorable and get your attention. But, their link to the brand or product is often indirect – yet, everyone you hear talk about the ads seems to know what they are advertising. So on that level they work. They also know how to leverage online viral potential and traditional media editorial coverage.

    I think they are marketing rather than PR though as the entire purpose is publicity rather than anything more subtle.

    Do they work in terms of sales? It would be interesting to see – but they are certainly enhancing Fallon’s reputation.

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