I’m egotistical, but fair

And I thought Google Reader was just for reading. When I noticed the search feature, I thought it was just a search feature. It takes someone like Steve Rubel to open our eyes to its potential as a data mining tool.

After reading his post and finding some surprising trends in my feeds (it seems I’m twice as interested in PR than copywriting, and in both quite a bit more than tech), I decided to look afresh at Google Reader. It struck me that I hadn’t really delved into the Trends option, although it’s been there for a long while.

It proves quite revealing, particularly when I look at the blogs I’ve read over the past 30 days, and those I’ve shared (which you can see in the FG Flags feed to the right).

These are the top 40 blogs I’ve read:

… and these are the ones I’ve shared:


Points to note:

  • I must have an ego the size of a planet. Or I’m self-obsessed. Either way I’m probably temperamentaly quite well-suited to PR. In fairness, the Read figure is probably because I tend to make small changes to a posting after publishing, and the shared figure is influenced by my taking the view that I’m entitled to share my own posts on the FG Flags feed.

  • I’m quietly pleased about the other top ten or so blogs I read. I like them all but I really had no idea they were my favourites. I used to think I just picked and chose quite randomly according to what caught my eye on Google Reader. While this is on the whole true – most of them have just been viewed once or twice – if asked I would probably have listed most of them as bloggers whose insight or style (or both) I admire.

  • I find it interesting also that I share with a similar pattern. On second thoughts this makes sense. When I go through my feeds I do tend to share the posts I read, simply because they caught my interest.

  • I’m thinking that I’ll monitor my read and shared figures, then I’ll turn that both into my blogroll, and into my PowerPR index. The index is very large and proving difficult to maintain: certainly 40 blogs will be a lot easier to handle than over 100.

If you’re a Google Reader freak like me, take a quick peek (a freak peek?) at your trends. You may be similarly proud, happy and thrilled. And, in my case at least, slightly ashamed.

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