Stephen Fry: Tech blogger?!?!?!?!?

First there was the Salmon of Doubt. Now, Stephen Fry has totally come out as a tech blogger (although you might not be able to see this because his site is currently down, presumably as a result of traffic).

At first, I did not believe this was a real blog. The mere idea of Stephen Fry as a geek just didn’t compute. I thought it was a PR stunt. But no, his smartphones blog entry is liberally sprinkled with indisputable Fryisms: “to predicate a useful Platonic ideal”; “my dear, have you seen the E61 and E61i?”; and signing off with “As the General Confession in the Book of Common Prayer has it, ‘I have followed too much the devices and desires of my own heart.’ Amen.” Yep, that’s Stephen Fry. Even the Guardian says so.

And his entry (that’s probably a Fryism too) is remarkably well-informed. He clearly knows his stuff. He compares and contrasts technologies, approaches and models down the years. He knows about server-side apps. He talks about inferior networks. He mentions the UIQ platform. What the hell is that?

Turns out he’s been ‘at it’ for quite some time. He’s co-author, with Douglas Adams, of the Salmon of Doubt. Adams was well known for being an uber-geek. Dawkins contributed too (I read the God Delusion on a summer holiday this year). Something tells me I must read that book: perhaps it’s a confluence of genius.

So, welcome Mr. Fry. Welcome to the blogosphere where geeks wail and nerds weep, where the panorama is one that encompasses heaven and hell like a veritable Hieronymous Bosch triptych. One thing I know: it will be interesting to see how the iPhone fares on Google Trends as a result of this.

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