The Friendly Ghost Social Media Resource – Part II: In Which Friendly Ghost Pulls It Out

Yesterday, I posted my initial attempt to relate PR activities to social media, trying to establish a model that enabled users to look at either end of the issue, that is, what PR activities could you do with a particular social media resources, and which social media could you bring to bear on a specific PR acitivity.

Reaction to the resource was on the whole encouraging although I think the concensus was that the Google Spreadsheet was a little clunky. This was evidenced by there being hardly any edits, despite seeing people briefly dropping in, looking around, and popping off again. So I looked into wikis and I don’t think they cut it either, because they don’t allow that cross-referencing to happen. I needed something better, so I sat down and thought about it. I needed some way to relate resources to activities, ideally also to filter or sort by those categories, and proof/theory too if possible. I didn’t need a wiki, because that’s a page-base. I needed a database. One that was free, easy to use, and allowed collaboration. 

I looked around, and I think I found it: Zoho, the online database tool. It’s easy as cake to use: piece of pie. I’ve already transferred the data from the spreadsheet to the database and you can see it here.

So that there are no alarms and no surprises, the image below shows the data entry form, and the image below that shows the output view. This is what you’ll see when you click those links above (but bigger, obviously):

The Data Entry form

The Output Report

Just click the column titles on the output view to sort A-Z or Z-A. Click the buttons across the top to add or edit (not delete, just yet, to protect it from wanton vandalism). Click search to, well, search – same goes for filter. Fed up of reading about theory? Filter by proof. Want some inspiration? Filter by theory. And, holiest of holies, sort by social media resource or by PR activity. It’s that simple.

Want to contribute to PR social media knowledge? Click the Data Input link to the left of the page, and type in your bright idea or your proven use.

Admittedly it’s not the most beautiful of tools but it’s relentlessly functional. You can filter and sort, add, edit. Anyone can edit it, right now. I don’t need to give permissions, it’s totally public.

You can even subscribe to see when something’s changed. In the output view, click the Export data button at the top of the list. You get every format under the sun, including RSS, which you can subscribe to here.

However, where it gets very cool is that people can also embed both the input form and the output view into their own blogs and websites, providing they’re allowed to use iframes (which doesn’t, boo-hoo). Just copy and paste the following snippets of code into a blog posting or web page and you should see the form/view appear as if by magic…To host the input form copy and paste this:

<iframe height="543px" width="100%" name="zohoform33" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src=></iframe>

To host the output view copy and paste this:

<iframe height="400px" width="100%" name="zohoview1" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" src=</iframe>

Alternatively, you can copy and paste this javascript for the output view instead, if you can use javascript but not iframes:

<script src=> </script>

Now then, how much easier could that get? None. None more easier. 

As before, all comments welcome.

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7 thoughts on “The Friendly Ghost Social Media Resource – Part II: In Which Friendly Ghost Pulls It Out

  1. Hi Mat, Dabble does indeed look cool! Great importing and view control. I would say zoho does this to an extent – you can import readily from spreadsheets and you do have some leeway with views – but yes, Dabble is cooler. I would also have to pay for it however, and being a cheapskate, I’d rather not. But I’ll definitely play with it over the next month. I also investigated baseportal for the social media resource but I’m a sucker for a nice Ajax interface, which zoho has. That’s probably why I prefer Pandora to Last.FM.

    Jack, zoho is indeed an interesting resource and I just realised, I haven’t actually added it to the social media resource! (question: does it really count as social media?) I like your colleague’s insights but the resource is meant to be prescriptive, that is, whereas there is a lot of discussion about social media, the resource is set up to give a quick overview of what’s theoretically and – crucially – actually possible.

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