Clearing out the PR blogroll

I decided to clear out my PR blogroll. I built it initially to help create the PowerPR index but I certainly don’t read them all. So, I’ve kept the blogs I’ve found useful recently and removed the rest.

I did this not just because I felt it needed a tidy-up, but also because it felt a bit like cheating: from compiling the PowerPR index I’ve learned that, whenever I posted something, simply by virtue of linking to these blogs via the blogroll, I would get a mention in their statistics. It seemed a cheap way to get noticed. And I’m not sure I need to do that.

All the original members are still in the PowerPR index, and they’re also all included in the syndicated PRs proclaim feed, and, as and when I share new postings in the FG Flags feed, I’ll re-introduce them to the blogroll. But if you’ve disappeared from the blogroll, don’t be upset. As soon as you post something that tickles my fancy, you’ll be back.

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