New media maven seeks PR influencer


I had a sudden revelation in the pub last night (see above). It must have been the Staropramen, a nice yeasty brew, feisty from the draught (see below). It occurred to me that, being perceived as ‘quite tecchie’ within my agency, I’m the last person who should be trying to introduce people to new media, because they’ll think what they’re being shown is something ‘tecchie’. It isn’t. It’s simply a set of tools that they can use, just like a word processor, just like a spreadsheet, that helps them do their jobs. But it’s the perception that counts.

There are so many tools that can help us, and that are free. Take your pick of free aggregators – Google Reader is my choice – that enable you to overview the online chattering of the ever-expanding blogosphere and find out what people are saying about your clients in near-real-time. Surf all the blogs and podcasts – again, for free – that together represent a hugely valuable resource of PR experience and talent.

Not enough? Then take a look at the news searches you can use, again to deliver to your reader, or Wikipedia that is *mostly* accurate, or other cunning little tools such as the Online Report Creator Tool and Similpedia that can all help with research and verification. What about the – imho – PR killer app, Google Trends? What about Facebook? Technorati? Blogpulse? All free, all with readily identifiable PR applications. I mean, do you want this handed on a plate?

Actually, I think people do. But not by someone they think is a bit mad tecchie. Whether or not I really understand the PR business – and quite frankly I think I really don’t – the perception is that I’m showing people technical stuff. And technical=difficult. Forget whether they’re working in tech PR and should know better, the simple fact is, they don’t. I can try to change this, or accept it.

I’m going to try and change it – really, I am – but if I can’t then what to do? Perhaps the way to really get people clued up in new media, if persuasion, cajoling and bullying don’t work, is to train someone who is perceived within the agency as a true PR and, ideally, technophobe (shouldn’t be too difficult). Then, when they tell people this stuff, they’ll listen, because it’s PR and not tech.

I’m currently reading ‘The Tipping Point’, and it discusses mavens, connectors and influencers. Maybe I’m a maven. And maybe I need to get my hands on an influencer. See below.


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10 thoughts on “New media maven seeks PR influencer

  1. FG – this sort of scares me – not that you’re the tecchie in your agency, but others aren’t catching on. Steve Rubel’s post on the Future of PR stirred up a lot of comments that are related to your point. As for reading Tipping Point, really, really good book. I like his idea of the Broken Window concept. Very interesting book indeed.

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