Housekeeping: three PR blog moves

We recently had three movers in the FG Blogroll. Given that this might affect their positions in the Power150 and PowerPR index (yes, I’m still working on it), here are the changes:

  • IndiaPRBlog has moved from to This blog consistently comes up with good, useful information and comment, proving that PR lessons can be learnt from any source regardless of geography.
  • Barbara Rozgonyi has fled the WordPress platform to I wonder if this is anything to do with the little contretemps she had with them a while back? If so then I’m sure she’s made the right decision – update your blogrolls please.
  • Finally – and I’m not the first to report on this – TWL has not only moved but had a distinct facelift, from to It’s an extremely original look and I’m sure it hasn’t just come about as a ‘nice to have’ – to me, this signals some real statement of intent about TWL’s plans to become a reference blog, not least with the mini-ads for jobs and services and the fact that TWL employed a design agency for the new look. It’s a welcome change and proof that PR blogs are becoming more sophisticated.

It’s interesting to note that all the moves are away from blog platforms to unique URLs. Could this be a trend? If so it implies to me a greater permanence and independence in the PR blogosphere. This could be an interesting tie-in with the recent indication that PR blogging is declining in quantity – which could almost imply an increase in quality.

If/when I finally get the latest PowerPR table out I shall be basically adding up all the metrics to give an overall ‘PowerPR index’, from when it will be interesting to see, like the FTSE, how the blogosphere is doing – is it expanding or contracting and if so, at what rate?

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4 thoughts on “Housekeeping: three PR blog moves

  1. “It’s interesting to note that all the moves are away from blog platforms to unique URLs. Could this be a trend?”

    I’ve always said that a blog’s domain name is part of the brand and remembering is much harder than remembering And as blogs become more sophisticated like Forrester predicted then no publisher wants his or her content accountable to Google (who owns blogger).

    To reference (ahem, pimp) my own blog: is now a porn site. Great!

    Of course it’s the content of the blog that’s most important but I think the domain is a significant factor toward the branding.

    Just checked. is taken. 😉

    I really hope TWL makes a business out of the blog and I believe he/she/they will do so. I think there’s a lot more to come from the UK blogosphere.

  2. Damn fine point about the branding. And yes, ‘my’ URL is taken! I had to try several times before I got the current one at WordPress – there are others in WordPress and Blogger that could have been better but were already taken. That is, taken and then simply left unused, very like in fact.

    Still, if at some point I ‘come out’ and use my real name then I’ll probably be able to use that. Perhaps TWL should too…? 😉

  3. Hi FG, thanks for the kind words. I agree that though PR depends on regional business and media environments, there are many tactics that are universal. Glad that it’s of some use even there. I do find many US PR blogs relevant and useful here as well.

    I like the new domain, thanks to Blogger custom domain. I guess many Blogger users have started using this service as they need not buy web space but just book a domain name. This costs just around $ 5.00-10.00 per annum,which is like nothing. Of course, there is the branding as well. You feel like you own a website.

    However, this change has already affected my search engine rankings. I hope this is just temporary. I have no Google PR, no Technorati Authority. How about that? 🙂

  4. The problem of moving house eh? Don’t worry, I’m planning on ‘piloting’ the moved blogs in the PowerPR index so that I add the ‘old’ blog values to the new one, until I feel the new one has picked up enough momentum to discard the old one (I guess after 30 days or so, the typical amount of redirect time people tend to choose).

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