Enhancements to the Power150

The Power150 is here to stay, like it or not.

So, while it’s still all lovely and fresh and new, here are some enhancements I’d like to see on it:

  • A script for including your position in the list on your blog. I currently update mine to the left of this blog manually, but an automated script would be better. And, for wordpress.com users who cannot use script, a Feedburner-like chicklet would be nice.
  • Taking inspiration from financial systems, I think we need to see a timestamp for the last update, then from that we can see who’s moved up/down since, alongside the biggest risers/fallers or most/least active over the day/ week/ month/ quarter/ year. Charts would be cool too, complete with simple indicators such as moving averages. And then a total for the entire list – total Technorati Authority, total Bloglines score – would serve as the total ‘index’, again with charting and movement indicators. It could be very interesting to see whether the blogosphere as defined by the Power150 is expanding or contracting.
  • And one thing to take away: the mysterious ‘Todd’ rating. To me, this is totally bogus. Why add something so subjective? OK, so you can explain away the worth of the other metrics but this one really doesn’t belong here.

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4 thoughts on “Enhancements to the Power150

  1. Agree with most of these, except the Todd rating which I like. There are some blogs which score highly on the other criteria, but don’t have much good stuff about marketing or PR. The Todd rank helps to balance it.

  2. The Todd rating made sense when this was just a Todd exercise on Todd’s personal blog. Now that it’s moved to AdAge (and good on you for that Todd), perhaps the single-person subjective rating should be moved to a larger panel. Maybe a random group of bloggers represented in the top 300 could make up the panel every month?

  3. Interesting. Todd’s scoring system is pretty weak, isn’t it? It’s base on nothing more than a few external sources – with no analysis of the blog itself (except the extraordinary “Todd” score)

    I’m working on a (slightly anal) objective assessment method for blogs that scores based on:

    – inbound links
    – social links (del.icio.us, digg, stumbleupon etc.)
    – google PR for / (obviously this is pretty much linked to the above, as is the technorati score)
    – tenure (date since first post)
    – recency (date of latest post)
    – frequency of post (tenure/total posts)
    – avg comments per post (poor spam filtering can kill this – as can the increasing trend among A-list bloggers to disable comments)
    – author replies to comments (technically hard to measure other than by brute force method).

    Of course, all of these are pretty dry. What we SHOULD be measuring is betweenness centrality & “influence”

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