Automated reports, a table, and a giggle.

It’s probably not a good idea to lump three topics into one post but it makes for an interesting title.

Firstly, I’ve come across a superb little resource called the Google Report [EDIT – it has since changed its name to Online Report Creator Tool – not sure why they need to call it ‘Creator Tool’ – and its URL to, presumably under pressure from Google). It’s not affiliated to Google but it’s such a cracking idea that it should be. It seems basically to take the Google results from a search query then marry them to entries on Wikipedia. So, instead of having to research further on a load of Google results the whole thing is done for you. This could be a great resource for a very first quick ‘toe in the water’ piece of research and it even lists a load of keywords at the end for you. Nice.

Next up, a conference – or, more precisely ‘a seat at the table.’ This may sound grand, and in fact it is grand because it’s all paid for. Edelman are asking people to apply for places at an event where, it says here, you can “discuss the latest developments and what we can expect in the future.” It also says they are “looking for the best and the brightest”, and, being a liminal phantasm of gas I doubt I shine that brightly. But if you do, and you’re up for it, you could do worse. As I said, it’s free and you can’t argue with that, as they say in PR.

Finally, a bit of a giggle. Strumpette always has a nice curve to things and I particularly like this reference:

Seeking to consolidate his kingdom after defeating Harold, king of England, the Bastard issued an edict that is widely considered to be the first press release. In it he offered free pudding to the poor, who dutifully gathered in the town square and were summarily slaughtered. The edict had been reprinted by calligraphers throughout the land. This is what we know today as media relations.

No problems in measuring that response and it was probably quite influential too.

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