Technology public relations is not necessarily what people are after

At PR Meets Marketing– not on my blogroll but soon about to be – is a great piece on using Wordtracker to isolate keywords.

Wordtracker is the big daddy of SEO keyword analysis. I can’t say it better than Wordtracker themselves, so here’s a blatant copy of their, ummm, copy:

Wordtracker’s suggestions are based on over 300 million keywords and phrases that people have used over the previous 90 days. (In other words, there is no “guessing” when you use Wordtracker. Everything is based on the keywords millions of people have actually typed into search engines.)

The analysis shows that “technology public relations” wasn’t in the top 100 searches for “public relations”. A very revealing finding, one that runs counter to intuition and showing the value of such analysis, and something I hope to confirm if I ever get around to extending my own recent PR SEO keyword analysis using the excellent – and free – Good Keywords application for multiple-keyword analysis.

As an interesting sidenote I notice that the text on PR Meets Marketing cannot be copied (well, it can if you get around that, for example through the simple expedient of using View/Source, but it’s been disabled for straight html viewing). I find it strange that this blogger wants to share information, but not really share it.

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2 thoughts on “Technology public relations is not necessarily what people are after

  1. FG, I’m pretty sure that the not being able to copy thing is just a quirk of the way IE is handling the stylesheet. There’s no code I can see that would disable copying; it’s easily achievable in FireFox.

    You’re right about Wordtracker, they are the daddy, but Aaron Wall does a pretty good job over at too, and for free. See:

    The IT support company that hired me to write and design their site for them were surprised by keyword research as well. They wanted to put PC and Server all over the place, but real people search for ‘computers’.


  2. Hi Friendly Ghost and Steb, thanks for the info. I’ll research this further to determine if there is something more that I can do on my side for the blog.

    Cece – PR Meets Marketing

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