Dark matter hits

Friendly Ghost has just passed the 5,000 mark! That is, this blog has been viewed more than 5,000 times in total.

Now, I know this is pitiful – pitiful – compared to most blogs out there. And I know that some of the hits are a bit bogus – for example some people come here looking for crack babies (and probably even more after having typed that) – and I know some blogs get that number of hits every hour, but it’s a milestone nonetheless.

But, an interesting thing. I noticed I was on 4,999 hits so kept refreshing my browser. And occasionally the 4,999 changed to… 4,998. Then back to 4,999. Then back to 4,998.

How is this possible? Can you revoke a hit? Is there a statute of limitations on web views? Can there be people out there sucking up the web like virtual superdense roving dark stars? Or do some people count as fractions, and the WordPress count was dithering between them? Can you really round people up? Or, more worryingly, down? I thought people were discrete, if not discreet. I put it down to dialectic physics.

Quite frankly FG doesn’t care. I’m going on holiday the day after tomorrow so this is my one post in which I allow myself to be frivolous, if tenuously linked to the subject of social media.

So, from Saturday onwards there will be no posts from Friendly Ghost until 9th July. But as a parting gesture to my 3 readers – and it is still a core 3, even if they’re busy readers – I shall be updating the Friendly Ghost PowerPR index tomorrow, with more metrics and a statistically balanced approach…

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6 thoughts on “Dark matter hits

  1. Hey FG,

    Is updating the PowerIndex and then going on hols not the equivalent of lighting blue touch paper and running away?

  2. Interesting – I just noticed that I’m getting more hits from this post probably due to the imminent LHC switch-on. Cool. Absolutely cool, if you know what I mean…

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