Three superb videos on influence

A colleague of mine directed me towards this superb series of videos the other day – actually,  it was just the one video but a whole series seems to be developing.

They are small but perfectly formed 2/3 minute presentations given by the large and perfectly formed Ted Smith, a research fellow at CNET Networks (BNET’s parent company). He seems to take the approach that the ‘atom’ of the network is the interaction between two people and from that, a topology of trust forms.

The three I’ve seen so far are:

  • Motivations for Influence – New Insights – talks about the cycle of information sharing that stimulates confidence, both in the sharer of information and the recipient. Being influential is not necessarily about being the smartest guy in the network, but the one who shares information the best. (Wasn’t this one of Jack Welch’s ideas, that his job as CEO was to ensure information was shared among the people who needed it?)
  • Activating influence – Who vs. Where – shows how, by sharing good, unique information you can become an influential member of a group and that it’s not necessarily who you are but where in the network of influence.
  • Creating Influence – Avoiding the Backlash – demonstrates how and why there is a backlash when someone infiltrates a network and, by not being who they claim to be – for example a paid blogger – violates the social contract. The real damage comes when people may act on the false supposition that they’re being given unbiased information and as a result they lose trust.

Anyway, go and have a look.

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6 thoughts on “Three superb videos on influence

  1. If BNET had an award for most clever comment regarding our content, I would submit your post. Thank you for sharing our videos and, more importantly, making me laugh out loud when I read your introduction. Excellent writing.

    Leslie Leite
    Also large, but not so perfectly formed as Ted.

  2. Glad you liked it! The summaries really are just summaries of what is said, but I was particularly pleased with the ‘topology of trust’ phrase if I say so myself. Perhaps you could attribute that to me if Ted ever uses it… Oh, and btw, why don’t you set up an award for the most clever comment regarding your content…? Sounds like a great idea to me.

  3. I like that idea too…the BNET GCA (great comments award). It would have writers everywhere fighting to talk about our content so they could win this prestigious award. Hmmm.

    Leslie Leite

  4. Ah, but isn’t that the point? Doesn’t it give people incentive to up the ante? They really try to think of something insightful to say about your content, and you get to own the award. And the person who wins, wins. And everyone reads more insightful comments. And you win. Everyone wins.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the whiteboard session videos , CNET Networks , our parent brand actually did the research and produced them, so I was wondering if I send you the CNET Networks logo if you could replace the (just one of our brands) w/ the Network logo. Thanks , you can email me if you have any questions or call 415-344-2437.

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