The Friendly Ghost PowerPR Index: Take Two

OK, I think we’re in better shape now.

This is a revised index in light of some of the comments made on the first version. If you click the graphic below, you’re taken to Todd Andrlik‘s page, upon which this was based. If you want to visit the blogs themselves, they’re in the blogroll to the left of this page, in the ‘PR links’ section.

Further details below the table.

Click to see Todd's original list

  • I now acknowledge Todd Andrlik on this list, bigtime. It was probably naughty of me to nick his approach but I honestly didn’t realise it at the time. He’s been very good about it and look! He’s now on my blogroll too. 🙂
  • These are just the blogs on my ‘PR links’ blogroll. I don’t claim it to be a totally comprehensive list of PR blogs. No marketing blogs, no social media, just PR blogs I’ve come across and liked enough to link to.
  • I would have loved to use the SEOMoz page strength metric instead of Google Page Rank, but it is restricted to one look-up a day and, being a tightwad, I haven’t coughed up for membership.
  • The Technorati figures are now much closer to the original idea as set out by Todd And’s Power150 list, that is, scored out of 30 (although I’m still unsure as to why that particular figure was chosen).
  • I gave up on Bloglines. There is something peculiar going on. Perhaps Todd has access to Bloglines data that I do not, but there were a few too many discrepancies for my liking, so I removed them. By ‘Bloglines subscriptions’ I mean quite literally going to the blog, clicking my ‘Sub to Bloglines’ button, and totalling all subscriptions across all found feeds. But on quite a few occasions what I totalled really did not tally with the scoring system as found on Todd’s list.
  • I’ve retained Alexa. I think Alexa is a fair metric to use. And, if I’m to remove bloglines, well, you could say Alexa replaces that. Perhaps I’ll recalibrate my Alexa ratings in future to give them a score out of 20, so that they simulate the Bloglines rating.
  • The one thing I cannot hope to replicate in the Power150 is the curious ‘Todd rating’. I’m not going to add my subjective opinion to any of this.

Apart from that, you could argue that I need to extend my blogroll, and perhaps I will so that I include some of those shown on the Power150 that I don’t have. Perhaps I should also restrict it to the top 50 – it would certainly take less time to compile.

Finally, the crunch question: is this of any value? Well, I have to say, I didn’t spot that mention on the Power150 that it is fully automated – I was working off my hunch before. So that really is a good, comprehensive and up to date state of the PR/Marketing blogosphere.

However, this is off my PR blogroll – no marketing blogs here. Plus, there might be some blogs on the Power150 which I just don’t like, so they’re not on my blogroll, or perhaps I have some the Power150 doesn’t (this blog, for example!). Plus, I’m using Alexa instead of Bloglines so it’s not identical, but, you could say, complementary. And I’m not skewing my results with any subjectivity. In fact, I’m thinking that if I do this again I will go back to the Technorati score being out of ten because I just don’t see the point of making it three times more important than the other parameters.

Futhermore I might just adapt this for copywriting blogs. Move out of the crowded PR space and develop something of use for copywriters. In fact, given the grief I’ve had over this, I’m thinking it might be a good idea.

If nothing else, Spud Gun finally scored – off the Technorati authority created by him linking to me as a result of this index. And that’s got to be a good thing.

Technorati tags: Subscribe to this feed

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16 thoughts on “The Friendly Ghost PowerPR Index: Take Two

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  2. Great List. Best of Luck to developing the Top most List of PR. You have embarked upon something great.

    I am glad that you took out Bloglines, which is something toddand should also do. Another point of not having bloglines is that many of my users use netvibes and Google Reader, atleast my blog stats show me that.

    Once again… Great List! Keep adding to it, there are some PR blogs on my blogroll, you are invited to check them out and maybe add them.

  3. Thank you Rajiv, I will certainly check your list out. I think it’s interesting that the Power150 doesn’t necessarily cover all the PR blogs (not that any study every really could!). Furthermore, if I do add more blogs then this does start to take more time to compile (the Power150 is automatically created daily). So, perhaps I’ll update it each month – certainly not weekly and definitely not daily!

  4. I somehow missed this whole kerfluffle last week. So glad that you reconciled with ToddAnd, he really has done a great service to the community with his list. He is also a great all-around guy.

    Oh, and thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I always appreciate that there are people out there reading.

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  6. I’m not sure. It takes a while to do this so I’m thinking I’ll probably either restrict it to a smaller number of blogs, or do it for something other than PR. Actually the main reason I haven’t done anything with the blog at all recently is because I’ve been working extremely hard and simply haven’t had time to post.

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