Sometimes it’s better just to laugh

pants.jpgToday, no clever postings about the finer points of grammar or etymology. No long ramblings about RSS feeds. Today, just two vaguely copywritery, bloggy-related items that made me laugh:

  • From my copywriting feed, the word of the day is chortle: to utter, or express with, a snorting, exultant laugh or chuckle. What a fantastic, forgotten word. I must use it sometime. Do people still chortle in this age of satire and scepticism? Perhaps chance favours the prepared mind. I’m going to try and catch someone chortling. Didn’t Jasper Carrott introduce the word ‘zit’ to the English language? I’m going to create my own word. Something to express the sound you make when you sigh so loudly it creates a moaning noise of resignation. How about ‘to mognate’?
  • From my PR feed comes, bizarrely, this posting: Everybody’s wearing my pants. I can’t explain it, you’ll have to take a look for yourselves readers (all three of you). Some people have far too much time on their hands. And yet, I find this ingeniously viral. Pants: everybody has a vested interest in them. Pants around the world.

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One thought on “Sometimes it’s better just to laugh

  1. Upon reading this in my “tag surfer” I absolutely had to comment. I like mognate, how did you derive at that particular word? Regardless of how you did it, it’s Fabulous! (note the capital F) I think that with today condensation of words and phrasing, if very refreshing for someone to come up with an actual word. I actually overheard someone use LOL in conversation. We’re even forgetting how to laugh. Sad. So, today, I will use mognate; or perhaps, I will literally mognate. Yes, I like it.

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