At worst she feels bad for a while.

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What to make of our oh-so-screwed up celebrities then?

Lily Allen recently posts on a blog about feeling fat and ugly. This is very conveniently just before she makes her debut on American TV. She gets headlines in the UK and raises her profile. She just wants to be loved really. It’s nothing to do with a cheap and yet clever use of the symbiosis between paper and online media. Or, at least, that’s never mentioned.

Meanwhile Britney Spears is going slowly slightly mad. She shaves her hair, she damages a car, she goes into rehab. Now she’s working on a new album. It’s about feeling good. Do you have to advertise you’re feeling bad, to promote an album about feeling good? Apparently so.

The phenomenon of rehab is growing. Robbie Williams is doing it (or did it). Jade Goody did it after Celebrity Big Brother. Cate Blanchett looks like a prime candidate for it. Why do celebrities advertise their angst? More to the point, why do they seem to do this purely for financial gain?

My guess is that, as I know happened with Jade Goody, they’ve been ‘PRd’. Jade was got at before she even left the house, which is why she put in a consummate performance on her exit (and why Davina McCall was soft on her – they have the same PR agent).

I would imagine there’s really very little up with Lily or Britney or even Jade. Robbie’s always been a bit odd. Cate is possibly really ill, but she did ensure she appeared looking like that. There must have been a reason. It seems there’s a trend for people gaining the ‘publicity of the weak’ which will ensure support – and, coincidentally, headlines and sales.

My interest in all this is how people generally don’t seem to consider this as cynical as, say, big business putting out messages that support their point of view into the public domain. Mention ‘PR’ to most people and they scoff. Mention poor old Lily – feeling bad for a while – and they’re concerned. Does it really not cut both ways?

One thought on “At worst she feels bad for a while.

  1. Religion was the opiate of the masses, now it’s sleb culture. Previously you could comfort yourself that the hardship of life was worth it as you would get your reward in heaven, now people are convinced that they can get their reward here on earth by becoming famous for feck all. So they aren’t cynical about being manipulated, they feel comforted that poor Lily has fat days too or that Robbie has esteem issues. That makes them just like the Heat/NOTW reader, which means they in turn are just like Lily and Robbie and its only a matter of time before they become famous too.

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