DVD crack proves intelligent babies do exist

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The digg attempt to prevent publicisation of the DVD crack tells us that the Internet is a massively intelligent baby.

If we take a step back, let’s consider why companies want to protect copyright. It’s because they make money from the content they issue. However, don’t forget that some – not a lot, but some – of that money goes back to the artists who create the content. If they can’t make money out of it then where’s the impetus to create? Sure, you could argue that if they’re real artists then they should do it for the love of creativity, but they also need to eat, and if they’re paid to do what they do then they can learn how to do it better. It’s called being a professional artist.

As a published musician I can speak for my contemporaries when I say that there’s nothing more infuriating than when some gimp has lifted your music and stamped “Muthafucker’s gonna droppa the preshaaah” over it (no, I didn’t perform Gloria Estefan’s original). OK, so people want that: but there’s no money in it for the performer. Even remixes – or mash-ups – don’t earn the performers much.

It’s a changing industry. Lots more people producing content, the same amount of money available, so everyone gets less money.

Let’s go back to The People. They just want to crack DVDs. It’s perfectly understandable – babies are just one bundle of id and all they know is they want it and they want it now. Thing is, now they have the resources – and The Number* – to do it. Distributed intelligence as super-id. Society is doomed (again).

* Note: there is as yet no Wikipedia entry for ‘The Number’ referencing this. I predict one imminently.

** Post-edit: as of 21/6 there still isn’t one. Perhaps I was wrong.

One thought on “DVD crack proves intelligent babies do exist

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