It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

My partner was recently approached to work for another company. A few weeks ago we lost a key member of staff to a rival agency.

Why is this? It’s because they know people. They have contacts. In my copywriting feed there comes an advert for a PR manager that is pretty well paid but stresses that the candidate needs extensive contacts.

Now, I don’t particularly want to be a PR manager but I do want to get noticed and promoted. Basically, I’d like to earn more money. And I’d ultimately like very much to be headhunted. But it seems to me that copywriters in agencies are very much the engine room, the power behind a lot of what goes on in PR but essentially locked away to get on with the dirty business while the PR bunnies get the glory – and the contacts. So while we ensure everything is ticking along nicely, we also seldom get to see the light of day. I think applies more to agency copywriting than almost any other related job – journalists and PR execs all get to talk to other people within the industry, but we don’t.

What is to be done? I think I need to start looking more into industry bodies. There’s the CiB which would look good on a CV but I’m far from convinced of their effectiveness simply through the way they present themselves. There’s also 26 which looks fairly interesting and a colleague of mine knows the guy who runs it. I wonder if they’d do me a discount?

Apart from that, well this blog is intended to help but I haven’t really made ‘contact’ with other copywriters in the business. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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