The tragedy of NewPR

It is with the deepest regret that I have to announce that NewPR is now moderated. 

A while ago I came across NewPR, a very cool digg-like site for the PR community. So, PR practitioners vote for the news items they think are the best. I liked it so much I even emailed the webmaster with a suggestion to make the RSS feed icons more visible. Simple and effective – until now.

Across the top it reads: “PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent spam attacks, the articles submitted will go into a moderation queue before being posted.” What can this mean? That the poor guy – or guys, or girls – now have to approve each one? Isn’t this utterly contrary to the spirit of digg? Digg uses the voting system to promote and demote content:

I don’t see this on NewPR.

I really hope this great idea doesn’t go down the pan. If it’s as great as digg, it won’t. It just needs to trust its users, as do so many massively interactive sites.

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