David Cameron could be The Real Thing

This morning I was walking to work through Bayswater listening to Today on my mobile phone’s radio (a very neat little Sony Ericsson K750, well worth investigating btw). They were discussing David Cameron’s potentially risky strategy of placing himself at the forefront of the environmental issue. Suddenly, who should cycle past me but the man himself, complete with kiddy carrier on the back. I had to do a double-take but it was definitely him.

So he does cycle to work. And he isn’t noticeable. I’m sure he cycles to work with hardly anyone recognising him. I know he’s kind of famous for cycling but the point is he really does do it. It’s PR and it’s politics and it’s branding (check out the new Conservative logo) and it’s all joined up. Quite a heady mix.

To complete the circle, James Naughtie appealed for people to comment on their website which, five minutes later, I was able to do.

But the thing that impressed me the most was that I couldn’t see Cameron wearing any earphones. While the nation was debating his latest manoeuvre, and while I was tuning in via a mobile, Cameron seemed to have made the deliberate decision to enjoy getting from A to B without being connected. It gives an interesting insight into how the man works. And, grudgingly, as a lifelong Labour supporter – who may be dithering – I admire this.

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