Is it just me, or is it the WordPress interface?

I’ve had my attention drawn to some typos in my postings here, which for a copywriter is a bit worrying. You could argue that so long as the thought processes are intact a few deliferate mistales here and there won’t matter, but clients will not be impressed.

Thing is, I can write pages and pages of copy in Word or just about any other publishing app with no problems whatsoever. So what’s going on here? Is it the WordPress interface – which I find a little over-engineered and sluggish – or is it the process of blogging which can involve so much more than just words (sounds like the cue for a song…) By which I mean, by the time I’ve sat down, thought about my topic(s) for the day, researched, typed it, interactively added links as I go along, then added images, then more hyperlinks, have I spent so long adding the meta-text that I’ve forgotten the importance of the actual text?

Which, in a way, is why I started the blog in the first place. I want to know what goes through the minds of bloggers. And I’m finding that it is in fact quite a skill to write condensed, accurate copy while juggling the ‘hyperstuff’.

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