I Want Media – so give it to me!

In my Blog PR feed, this comes through from Jeremy Pepper who makes the great point that we can be over-reliant on technology to do our PR for us, when instead of high-tech we should be high-touch. And, despite me being a bit of a geek who would rather sit in a broom cupboard with a PC than actually pick up the phone, I think he’s right.

That’s half the story here. The other half is, on looking at the bottom of his page, what do I find but a veritable gold mine of links to online PR resources and blogs. Immediately, in my strange obsessive-compulsive way, I start to go through them to see if there’s anything I can subscribe to.

And you know what? Hardly any of the PR sites have a feed. We’re talking sites with names such as I Want Media, which look and feel soooo right, which have what appears to be a live and kicking home page, but which doesn’t have a feed.

So I agree with Jeremy, tech is useful and it won’t do our jobs for us. But unconnected tech most certainly won’t be any use to anyone.

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