When specialists just aren’t… special

So, in my Google Reader there appears what initially looks like an interesting tome on blogging. But there’s something not quite right with the header – “It’s now becoming evident that blogging is undergoing a radical rethink. Buy why?”

‘Buy why?’ Did he say ‘Buy why?’

Anyway, on with the link. There’s a beautiful picture of the contributor – looking every inch the forward-thinking tech-savvy web dude who pushes back the boundaries of contemporary thought (see right) – and then an article that states: RSS is a niche activity; blogs look amateurish; blogs bring tricky legal issues; and we should think of an umbrella term for everything e-related, which he suggests is a ‘corporate log – or clog for short’.

My responses, in same order, would be: debateable; wrong; no sh!t Sherlock; and what on earth are you talking about? Clog? Clog? Y’FOOL! See left.

It mentions at the bottom that he’s the MD of a company called Writing for the Web. So, let’s take a look at that shall we? Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Normally, this would be what I term A Bad Website. But considering it’s for a company that prides itself on web writing, it’s diabolical. Still, let’s take a look at what they have to say for themselves, and I find an articles list – and look! There’s his blogs article! So I click it – and it takes me to the wrong article. They got the link wrong. And he’s not even really using a blog setup to publish his articles anyway. Then I think ‘not to worry, let’s subscribe cos he’s got a dirty great RSS icon on his page’. But the RSS icon isn’t actually there for a reason. It doesn’t have a link. It’s just there for show, like the other ill-chosen and badly formatted images on that page.

Why does this raise my ire? I think it’s because, whereas I can appreciate a lot of blogging is by amateurs, it’s easy to come across highly intelligent, articulate and sophisticated thinkers in the blogosphere and learn something new every day. So when someone starts claiming to be a specialist but provides me with nothing new and indeed seems very backward, stultifying and slipshod in what should be a forward-looking, professional discipline, well it just makes me mad. Stark, staring mad. See right.

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