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A rebrand can be a crisis – or an opportunity

Sometimes the value of the network becomes most apparent, when you most need it. Last week, I announced my freelance copywriting status. It was a big step for me. But before I’d done anything ‘formally’, I updated my LinkedIn. Within half an hour I had three queries, one of which has turned out to be […]

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Bookmark, tweet and blog at the same time with only two hands and one head

One issue I keep coming across lately is how to save money using social media. This is a big topic, one that relates to so many others from measuring social media through to monetising it. But every little helps, as they say, and through the miracle of RSS you can make your content work harder […]

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Not so much a Twitterer as a Twit

source »       Twitterfeed is quite cool. You can use it to take any RSS feed and push it into your Twitter account. So, I’ve set it up to cross-post when I add something to my blog, plus randomly pick something out of my PR feed every six hours. In this way, I’m using Twitter to […]

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