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Everyone needs to think about what they’re doing and saying

I’ve just listened to a piece on the radio 4 Today programme about the swine flu rapidly spreading across continents. The speaker is a professor with a kindly, reassuring delivery. He sounds like my local postman. But he’s just coined the phrase ‘Armageddon virus’ while considering the impact a combination of swine flu and the […]

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Should the BBC link more, or think more?

So the BBC has quoted me. If you think I’m blowing my own trumpet here, you’re right. The BBC is a big target for PR. If you get a client mention on the BBC, it’s a high point. I worked with the people behind The Box, and while I wasn’t present at the sell-in, it […]

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Measurement Camp, the BBC, and The Next Big Thing

So last Wednesday I was at Measurement Camp, this time in the swanky offices of Dare Digital. The format is still evolving under the laid-back yet effective stewardship of Will McInnes (check out his survey, it’s hilarious), so this time we had a couple of presentations from past projects, then some quicker breakouts in which […]

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Kutiman – thru you

Sorry, but I’ve just got to show you this:

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The Radio Today video is nice – but is it truly viral?

So during my commute this morning I heard something on my mobile phone’s radio something about the ‘viral’ thing Radio 4’s Today programme has done, and how it’s being picked up. Then I went into a tunnel, and only heard the tail end of the conversation where they mentioned John Humphrys’s pink thong. I was […]

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The Greatest Viral Ever – and other assorted examples

What makes a great viral? Firstly, let’s be clear: viral is an effect. I’ve been asked to ‘do something viral’ in the past, and in explaining this I’ve had to say that really, anything and everything we do should be viral. That is, it should be a powerful enough message that impels sufficient people to […]

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