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“It’s called integrity, personality, you know. You’ve got something to say, you just stand up for your ground and say what you think. And that’s that.”

I work a lot with PR agencies, on big, corporate accounts. Together we go through sophisticated strategies, editorial calendars, brainstorming, measurement and so on, and slowly we help these great leviathans become more agile and approachable through communications. But sometimes I see something and it’s so different from my day-to-day work that it reminds me […]

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Don’t buy anything from or emerald48s because they are scammers

Before you buy, shop around. Not just for the best deal, but for the honest deal. And if you find dishonest deals, by dishonest dealers, then make sure you warn people about it. I’ve been ‘had’ twice recently. are scammers sold me a dud battery (you don’t have to click that link, in […]

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Brendan Cooper is a digital and social media strategist who helps clients win business, win awards and talk to people through digital and social media strategy. He has been helping people to communicate, online and offline, for over fifteen years.

The Universal Process™. Or: the Gartner Hype Cycle of Life

Life. Work. Birth. Death. And everything in between. Read on. I wrote some time ago about the process of writing. Unless I’m writing for myself – that is, when I had time for ‘recreational writing’, or even blogging for that matter – I tend to procrastinate. I sit in front of the monitor surrounded by […]

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Meet Concorde the Tortoise

If you’ve been following my Twitterfeed recently, you’ll know I’ve welcomed the pattering of tiny feet into my home. Tiny, clawed, scaly feet. Four of them. And a nicely mottled carapace. And a beak. This is because my partner bought me a tortoise for my birthday. A tortoise! I’ve always wanted one, mainly because they […]

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Once upon a time…

… I was a copywriter. Then I became a social media planner. Then I became a digital PR senior account manager. Then I was a social media strategist. Then I decided to jack it all in and become a copywriter again. Now, I’m finding I’m sort of all of those at the same time. Confusing, […]

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Does Google return 651,000,000 hits for Microsoft – or just 414?

Do this: Go to Google (whichever flavour you can access – annoyingly I can only see Search for microsoft (or just click here) Take a look at the ‘Results’ figure, towards the top right of the page. It should say something like ‘Results 1 – 10 of about 650,000,000′. That’s quite a few results, […]

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Yahoo Pipe to filter for British English

Why are there so many Americans online? It’s probably not that much of a puzzler. There’s a lot of them around anyway, and they’re often several years ahead of Old Europe technologically. And they do like to talk. But that doesn’t help people like me when I need to monitor UK traffic. Sure, you can […]

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Kutiman – thru you

Sorry, but I’ve just got to show you this:

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I Am Nostradamus. Am I Nostradamus? I, Nostradamus, am.

Can I quote myself? Just this once? Please? I was just going through some housekeeping and read a post written nearly nine months ago in which I looked at how theories about the social media world around us were falling like packs of cards, and offered decidedly tongue-in-cheek predictions of which would be next to […]

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